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LinkedIn Lead Generation


Currently having over 670 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is by far one of the best places for making professional connections.

Businesses and independent specialists use this platform in a variety of ways. Some use it for recruitment or job search, others promote their products and services with its help, while some are just expanding their professional network. In any case, it is a powerful business tool. Thus, giving your LinkedIn business strategy a full swing can bring plenty of benefits.

Apart from allowing businesses and specialists to connect with the right people, this social network also has a large potential in terms of marketing. One of the best uses one can make of it is to generate lots of high-quality leads.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Top 5 Tips

Today, LinkedIn has the potential to become a core vehicle for businesses’ content. However, though companies start realizing the real value of this platform to content marketing, we can see many brands missing out on plenty of opportunities it provides.

How to leverage this social network to meet your business ob objectives? Here are a few simple but yet effective tips on how to use LinkedIn and the content you publish here for generating quality leads:

1. Optimize Your Profile

One of the main tricks to start using LinkedIn to the fullest is to optimize your account. And by saying this we mean optimizing the content on your page for searches. To do this, first of all, fill in your account with the relevant and important information. The research revealed that LinkedIn profiles that are filled in completely are 40 times more likely to get incoming inquiries.

Then, you’ll also want to ensure that the content you post is visually aesthetic and engaging. When it comes to the content, the keys to success are quality and consistency. Thus, if you want to generate more leads on LinkedIn, be sure to post content that brings value and do it regularly.

Finally, you should invest some time in making your profile SEO friendly. To do this, do some proper keyword research. Embedding a certain amount of the right keywords into your account you will ensure that your leads will be able to find you with ease. However, don’t get too hard on keywords. Although adding some keywords is always a good idea, if your account is stuffed with too many of those it will look annoying and unnatural.

2. Engage Your Audience

Just like it is with any other social network, the key component to success on LinkedIn is engagement. The more high-quality and engaging your content is, the more likely those leads will come to you.

Here are a few basic tips to make your content engaging:

  • Create killer headlines;
  • Establish credibility;
  • Share valuable information;
  • SEO optimize your posts;
  • Stay consistent;
  • Cross-promote the content through other social media.

Also, don’t hesitate to add different elements of content to get more engagement. For example, sharing links drives as much as 200% more engagement, whereas images bring 98% more comments and videos increase the share rate by 75%.

3. Benefit from Advertising

When done right, advertising on LinkedIn can give you plenty of benefits, including increased outreach, higher brand awareness, and a possibility to generate valuable connections and drive plenty of new leads.

The platform offers businesses several great advertising options that work for all purposes and types of marketing (including inbound and outbound). The available options include Text Ads, Sponsored InMail, and Sponsored Updates. When used right, all of these advertising options can help you generate lots of high-value leads.

4. Always Make a Powerful CTA

Calls to action work pretty great when formulated well. An effective and relevant CTA can naturally encourage readers who come across your content to engage with your company. Depending on your objectives, you can encourage prospects to visit your website, share or comment on a publication, take part in a survey, etc.

5. Know Your Audience

Finally, the best way to generate more leads on LinkedIn is to give your audience what it craves for. Simply put, keep your target audience in mind!

Analyze your business objectives and get to know your prospects better.

Who are they? What interests them? What are they looking for? – Answering these questions you will create a clear image of your buying persona. This way you will be able to deliver content that is perfectly tailored to your target audience.

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Building leads is crucial for growing your sales and ensuring the overall profitability of your business. And the more valuable those leads are, the higher chances of success!

LinkedIn gives businesses plenty of benefits and lead generation is only one of them. Hopefully, the tips and tricks from this post will help you get the most benefit from this network.

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