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Why It's Easy to Find Good Leads on LinkedIn?

Why It's Easy to Find Good Leads on LinkedIn?

In today’s world, where most of us have long gone online, marketing via Internet channels has become a MUST DO for every business. The World Wide Web has significantly expanded entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ horizons, supplying them with plenty of handy tools for inbound and outbound marketing, advertising, sales, lead generation, and much more. And marketing through social media has long become an inevitable element in the online marketing mechanism.

In a world where rapid technological progress takes over most other niches, the success and longevity of an enterprise are defined by the dominance within its niche in social media. Just to give you a few ideas on the power of social media, let’s get down to some numbers:

Pretty impressive, right? But what social media works best for marketing purposes? Speaking of generating leads and boosting sales through social network channels, many subconsciously think of platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Whereas those platforms are the largest ones and definitely worth being included in your overall social media marketing strategy, there is also one more handy platform that is still undeservedly overlooked. It is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn evolved significantly in the past decade. It is designed to create valuable business contacts. And it is also great for lead generation! In this post, we are going to tell you why LinkedIn lead generation is easy and how to make the best use of it with the right tools like our free Email Extractor.

The Ease of Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Generating high-value leads is by far one of the key goals of every business, as leads are what keeps an enterprise growing. LinkedIn is one of the best tools for achieving this goal. Not only it allows you to connect with the right people, but it also makes generating leads easy. And here is how:

Large Network

LinkedIn has over 645 million users from more than 200 countries, and there is pretty much any type of user here including entrepreneurs, companies, job seekers, and consumers as well. Thus, using this platform, you can easily network with your colleagues, clients, prospects, business partners, as well as other companies from your industry.

A Large Amount of Data Collected from Users

Every registered LinkedIn contact provides the platform with a certain amount of personal information. Those users who are active and have fully filled accounts provide a wealth of information about themselves including emails, phone numbers, recommendations, job postings, promotions, title changes, key leaders at organizations, recent hires, and much more.

With some smart data scraping and the right tools like our Email Extractor, businesses can collect the needed information about their contacts and potential customers. And, as you know, the two key elements that turn a random person into a sales lead are the information and interest. Thus, by providing you with plenty of personal data about different people, LinkedIn makes lead generation really simple.

Convenient Feed

Now, we’ve already discussed the possibility to make connections and extract valuable data using this social network. However, as was already mentioned, it is not only data that turns someone into a lead, but also interest.

Another way LinkedIn helps to generate leads is by giving you an opportunity to boost brand awareness and gauge leads’ level of interest with the help of engaging publications and neat (read informative, interesting, and SEO optimized) account. By being an active user and posting high-quality content, you can generate even more leads through this network and boost their potential for conversion.

Great Analytical Tools

If your LinkedIn account is optimized well, good leads may find you themselves. For such cases, the platform offers a set of convenient tools that allow you to analyze who visited your profile and how they got there. If a user ended up on your account while researching something, it is a pretty good indicator of interest, which means you can engage and turn a random visitor into a high-value lead.

Even if your potential leads haven’t found you yet, you can decide with whom you’d like to connect yourself. For this purpose, LinkedIn offers a convenient Advanced Search option that holds an extensive set of filters that help you find the right contacts. And once you connect with someone, all you need is to spark up their interest and collect their data with our Email Extractor chrome extension and voila - you have a new lead.

Recognized Expert Feature

Finally, another reason why finding good leads via LinkedIn is easy is that the platform allows company leaders and sole proprietors to become a Recognized Expert in their niche. To get this title one needs to establish himself as a credible expert by being an active participant in relevant group discussions and answering users’ questions. According to studies, about 75% of consumers first research solutions on social media before making a purchase. This basically means that if you become a Recognized Expert on LinkedIn who provides solutions your prospects may be looking for, high-value leads will come to you themselves!

LinkedIn Email Extractor for Better Results!

Now, you know why finding good leads is pretty simple with LinkedIn. Want to know how to make the process even more straightforward? - All you need is a good email finder and extractor!

Our LinkedIn Email Extractor is a tool designed for simple and quick lead generation. It allows you to filter your contact list to find the most valuable leads and extract them in a simple click.

The extraction process consists of a few quick steps:

  1. Set up an account (it is free!);

  2. Login into your LinkedIn using our browser extension;

  3. Search for the contacts you need using a broad set of filters;

  4. Extract the needed data;

  5. Export everything to Excel in a single click.

Finding high-value leads on LinkedIn and collecting their data is made simple with our Email Extractor! Want to get most of your stay on this platform? Then try our tool for free!


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