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Top 25 Tools for LinkedIn to Automate Your Lead Generation

Top 25 Tools for LinkedIn to Automate Your Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn offers businesses almost unlimited opportunities. Being the largest professional network out there, this platform is perfect for generating high-quality leads. All you need to succeed in this endeavor is the right strategy and the right tools!

Luckily, there are plenty of tools and services that allow companies to automate all these processes and generate leads faster and easier. In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best tools for LinkedIn to automate your lead generation!

Simple and Smart LinkedIn Lead Generation: Top 25 Tools to Use in 2020

Targeting, data scraping, lead enrichment, data collection - all these and many other processes are parts of a large mechanism called lead generation. Each of these operations plays a large role in businesses’ success. However, all these steps can take lots of time and effort, and that’s when automation tools come in handy.

If you are searching for the best tools that will boost your inbound and outbound marketing efforts, help to collect the right client data, and connect with high-value contacts, here are the best tools to opt for this year:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This tool takes a deserved first place on our list. Sales Navigator was created by LinkedIn itself. The key function of the tool is to help sellers and buyers connect with ease. With the help of an advanced algorithm, relationship building tools, and lots of comprehensive sales insights, this tool allows businesses to target the right clients and interact with their prospects effectively.

  1. LinkedIn Email Extractor

With the help of our Email Extractor, businesses can automate the process of data extraction. There is a convenient Email Extractor Chrome extension that allows you to extract quality leads from your network in a single click.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Another great feature launched by LinkedIn itself in 2017 is Lead Gen Forms. This tool is designed to collect high-quality leads from the ads you run via this social network. Thanks to its smart algorithms, the tool detects top quality leads that interact with your ad campaigns and uses pre-filled forms to provide you with their key information, including names, emails, companies, positions, experience, qualifications, and much more. And it also allows you to track the cost per lead in your campaigns.

  1. LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper is one of the most essential automation tools for businesses striving to make the best use of this platform. The tool helps to automate some core tasks like connecting, inviting, messaging, and others. It also integrates with other LinkedIn’s own tools for even better results. The biggest benefit of this tool is that it saves you lots of time on different small tasks and lets you focus on more prominent lead generation efforts!

  1. Aeroleads LinkedIn Email Finder

Finding contact data of your potential customers is a big step in lead generation, which is why a reliable email finder is a must-have for every business! Aeroleads Email Finder is a great tool that comes with plenty of great features that make data collection and export easy. And, there is a free trial version to help you test-run this tool.

  1. Crystal

Another handy tool - Crystal allows businesses to access profiles of LinkedIn’s top personas and get some effective tips on how to interact with them right. This tool lets you build a more personalized approach to new contacts and learn vital communication tricks.

  1. Data Enrich

Apart from a smart extractor, we also offer businesses to benefit from our top-rated data enrichment app. Our app is one of the best lead enrichment tools out there. With our enrich software, data cleansing is made simple - collect vital information about your leads in a few simple clicks and save your time!

eLink Pro is designed to generate more visits for your LinkedIn account. The key concept behind it is that people view your profile in exchange for your visit. However, at the same time, it doesn’t require your time or effort because the tool automatically visits 800 targeted profiles a day for you!

  1. Dux-Soup

The main purpose of Dux-Soup is to keep track of your visits to target profiles with ease. When you look up the profiles that interest you, the tool collects all the necessary details from them and organizes this data in a convenient way. Thus, it is a perfect automation tool for creating extensive databases from browsed accounts.

  1. Profile Hopper

This automation tool is quite similar to eLink Pro. The goal of this tool is to hop from one target account to another to generate interest among potential leads. Apart from this, Profile Hopper provides you with handy insights of everyone who visits your account in return and collects data from profiles that can be later extracted from CSV.

  1. LinkeLead

The biggest benefit of LinkeLead is that it allows you to create flawless, personalized messages and offers templates that work best for your business. This handy tool makes reaching out to your leads easy as never.

  1. GetProspect.io

GetProspect.io is designed to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive list of high-value leads based on your specific search criteria. The tool supplies you with a full range of client data, including their names, LinkedIn URLs, contact details, and much more!

  1. Rapportive

Rapportive is another great tool for automating lead generation and bringing it beyond LinkedIn. This tool exports the information about each LinkedIn contact to Gmail. Thus, it allows you to view your leads data without leaving your inbox. This way, you can extend your lead generation strategy to email and get even better results.

  1. Discoverly

LinkedIn is a great professional network, however, most users perform most of their activities on other social media, and Discoverly allows you to learn what your connections are doing on other networks. With the help of this tool, you can collect client data that goes beyond your leads’ LinkedIn profiles and, thus, make an even deeper connection.

  1. Guru

Guru is a tool that makes generating leads simple. The tool allows you to find lots of new prospects faster. It makes suggestions on other interesting leads based on the ones you already made. Also, it works as one of the best data enrichment services, providing you with helpful insights on the prospect competitors, prospect’s industry-related sales guidance, and current clients that work in the same industry.

  1. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a handy tool that helps you create a list of top B2B leads and target profiles quickly. This tool allows you to uncover the most crucial lead data through a simple search and, thus, boost the outcomes of your lead generation efforts.

  1. LinkedIn Plugins

Apart from several separate automation tools, LinkedIn also offers its users a range of handy plugins that include:

  • Company Profile

  • Company Insider

  • Member Profile

  • Follow Company

  • Alumni Tool

  • Share

  • LinkedIn AutoFill

  • Jobs and Job Titles You Might Be Interested In

Although many users overlook these plugins, they can be of much help when it comes to automating lead generation and boosting sales.

  1. SalesLoft Prospector

Companies tend to use a variety of different sales tools. SalesLoft Prospector was created to integrate all your sales tools (including Crystal, DiscoverOrg, Inside View, and many others) in a single smart tool that ensures stable and harmonical operation of all tools.

  1. Outro

Want to connect with the top target profiles from your network? Looking to discover high-value leads that are currently outside your network? Then Outro is exactly what you need! The tool allows you to discover prospects from both within and outside your network.

  1. LinkedIn Small Business

One other great tool for lead generation is LinkedIn Small Business. With its help, companies can build quality leads, boost sales, grow trust, and reach plenty of other business goals. In a nutshell, the tool offers you to make the most of your lead generation efforts by following three simple steps:

  • Establish brand presence;

  • Connect with target leads;

  • Engage with prospects through content marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of this tool that sets it apart from others is that it really helps brands to bring their content marketing efforts to an entirely new level and, thus, generate top-quality leads easier.

  1. SalesTools.io

If you are looking for a good free email extractor, then SalesTools.io may be the right choice for you! The tool allows you to extract the contacts from your LinkedIn network right into Excel in a few simple steps.

  1. ClearBit

If you are looking for handy data enrichment services, then ClearBit is definitely one of the tools worth considering. ClearBit offers businesses a range of advanced tools for generating leads and enriching data, And, most importantly, it integrates with LinkedIn to make the process as simple and fast as possible.

  1. GrowthLead

Does your business operate in the B2B sector? If yes, we recommend paying attention to GrowthLead. This is a B2B LinkedIn tool that allows you to scale your outreach, grow your sales pipeline, and reach prospecting automation.

  1. Attach

Attach is a very user-friendly and simple in use, but yet effective, automation tool for LinkedIn. The tool provides you with insights into the messages you send including the notifications when an email has been opened, the time user spent to read it, and how your prospects interact with the messages further.

  1. LinkedInDominator

Finally, the last, but not least worthy tool on our list is LinkedInDominator. This tool helps businesses to expand their outreach and also create effective campaigns that will expand the market for their services and products.

The Bottom Line

In this blog, we’ve collected some of the best automation tools for LinkedIn that can help leverage your lead generation efforts. We hope that after reading this article you will get a better understanding of what tools to opt for when approaching your leads.

Choose any option from our list to create high-quality contacts, qualify and organize existing leads, enrich your database, and interact with your prospects in the most simple and effective way!


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